• Image of Polwarth Fleece Order Form
  • Image of Polwarth Fleece Order Form

Download a form to place an order for a freshly shorn fleece.

Next shearing is late February 2020, with fleeces available shortly thereafter.

Copy the link below to be taken to the Tarndie website, then download the PDF, complete the form and submit by email or post.


Create something special with our soft handling, 100% natural wools grown on our farm at Tarndwarncoort Homestead in Southern Australia.

For 2020 Shearing, we have 120 coated Polwarth fleeces available in natural colours.

Our sheep wear UV-resistant coats all year to minimise vegetable matter in the fleece. Whole fleeces weigh between 1.8kg – 2.5kg.

"Elite" quality fleeces are $49/kg
"Export" quality fleeces are $47/kg

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